To understand this family’s relationship with Cádiz we have to go back to 1574, when Guillermo Terry first emigrated to the city from his native Ireland. He became a successful merchant who traded between the Iberian Peninsula and its overseas colonies.

Santiago José de Terry y Buset was the real forefather of the wine business. He was totally committed to the liberal movement of the Courts of Cadiz, and was proclaimed a Distinguished Son and Patrician of the City.

Years later, his son Fernando A. de Terry succeeded him as head of the business, purchasing a winery in 1865 and starting production of his own wines in El Puerto de Santa María. He quickly found his market niche, not only as a wine merchant, but also as a producer and warehouse owner.


However, it was Fernando Matías de Terry, the third generation at the helm, who officially founded the winery that his father had acquired, later improved, and expanded over the years.

Terry began to decorate its brandy bottles with a handcrafted silk net, which had a profound impact on the market, at the same time improving the city’s financial situation.

In 1948, an event took place that marked an important turning point in the family’s history. The Terry family bought the renowned Spanish Carthusian horse-breeding ranch Hierro del Bocado. From that moment on, the Carthusian horse became an intrinsic part of the brand’s essence, along with its distinctive yellow mesh, and remains so to this day.

Since the 1950s, the Terry family has worked hard to maintain the breed’s pure lineage, associating these beautiful and majestic horses with the family heritage.

Terry started to market several brandy and sherry brands, transforming Terry Centenario into Spain’s best-selling brandy.

Nowadays, Terry boasts a well-earned international prestige both at home and abroad, and is positioned as one of the most important brandies from the Marco de Jerez region.
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