Memorieswith Terry


We are in 1965 and in every living room in Spain the television is on, and you can see an image that will become historic, and be recorded in the collective imagination of every Spaniard: Terry’s first advertisement.

On the back of an imposing horse, Magrit Kocsis galloped through Doñana, who surely did not know then that she was about to star in one of the most famous advertising spots in our country.

It was another time, very different from today. Not only politically, but also socially. And that is why Terry broke the mould.

The memory of this ad lingers today in the minds of those who saw it then. Few other examples can be given of a campaign with such recognition and impact after over 50 years when it was first broadcast.

In addition to this historical spot, there are many other past references in which we can find
memories of our brand. How many do you know? 

Undoubtedly, those were other times.